Lindsworth School visit to DURA

In line with its policy of community involvement, Dura recently hosted a visit of eight students & staff from Lindsworth School.  The aim of the morning event was to illustrate the type of attributes and behaviours required in the modern manufacturing workplace – the emphasis on teamwork and self-responsibility being paramount.  With contributions from senior management as well as Operators, the students experienced what behaviours were being looked for at interview as well as some practical activities that reflect the type of work done at Dura.  Commenting on the event, Martin Dinsley, Managing Director at Dura said “…it was a pleasure taking the students and teachers through how things work at Dura.  My team were able to give a positive and honest insight we hope the visitors found useful”.

Tracey Cook, the lead accompanying Teacher commented…..”The students were particularly receptive to the practical session where they dismantled and re-assembled the 12 piece piston. There was plenty of information given without overloading the boys. Given the needs of the pupils I think the time allocated for each task was perfect. They were fully engaged throughout the visit and both pupils and staff found the whole experience invaluable”.